Creating Long-term Vision

IMG_4730There is a distinction between working with the client to identify overarching dreams, goals and desires for the client, and identifying focus (agenda) for each session. There are few things key to this process and you may consider what I am sharing with you for your client sessions as well as for imagining your coaching business. Every new, requires going through creative process otherwise, it will fall flat and less inspiring for all involved.

When you consider about long-term vision (I avoid using the term goals here since turning a dream into a goal require more specification and specification gets you out of the creative process), you need to have a deeper understanding of your current values, your strengths, your passions, and what moves you in life. So that these ingredients can be infused into what you wish to create, and animate your vision.

We cannot create that we cannot imagine. Therefore dreaming process requires some sort of relaxation to hush the “naysayer” part of you. Once you have a very animated dream that you can almost see yourself in it, then you can start building the bridge between that dream-state and your current state reality. There are few techniques that help for that such as star living some part of your dream state reality in your current reality and bringing that to the forefront of your consciousness. This process increases one’s ability to trust one’s self to create the dreamed reality. After that one can turn the rest into actionable goals and plans.

Here is a resource that I created in Kindle format to support this reflective dreaming process:

Inquiries for Envisioning Your Life: Coaching Planning Worksheet for Creating Life Visions through Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

In JOY the creative process!

Tijen Genco, MS, PCC, MBB, E-RYT200

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