Peacefulness with Tijen Genco Guided Meditation Book Release

As a person who worked in the stressful corporate environments for years, I came to an understanding of the importance of meditative and deep relaxation practices for one’s key to success, as well as having peaceful and harmonious relationships. I started my journey of research with the idea to investigate best practices on different techniques for my own use. Eventually, I went beyond being a devoted practitioner, and became a teacher of the various techniques that I have learned and benefited from many years.

In 2015 I have developed Genco Method of deep relaxation technique based on my own experience, trial and learning, as well as what I have observed from my students and clients as I guided them through the relaxation experience. I just published the script of my technique and happy to share that is available in Amazon as Peacefulness with Tijen Genco©. My goal is to offer this book of meditation practices as a tool to everyone to have a joyful and easy flow with their life experiences, specifically Coaches, Therapists, Yoga Teachers a like to offer their clients and or students in their sessions. An accompanying audio recording is available for purchase on Amazon Peacefulness with Tijen Genco© for practitioners who would like to have my soothing voice carry them through their meditation.

With this content I am offering various deep relaxation techniques to enhance the body’s natural relaxation response as well as to enable somatic release. These are called the Genco Method Comprehensive and Abbreviated Deep Relaxation practices, and the Genco Method Somatic Release©. I designed the deep relaxation exercises for enabling mental and physical relaxation to result in greater wellbeing, peacefulness, sense of harmony and overall coherence in one’s being. I am offering the Abbreviated practice for daily use when one has limited time to bring their mind-body into a state of relaxation. The Genco Method Somatic Release experience is a method to release emotional tension and imprints of significant and stressful life events from your mind-body with gentleness.

I will be sharing how this book and scripts can be utilized in the client sessions as well as during workshops during my upcoming event Guided Imagery for your Practice Webinar. So that the participants have further tools on their hands.

I hope that it will bring you, and to your clients as peace as it has been to the people that I have been sharing….

Wishing you all a peace-filled day!

Tijen Genco, MS, PCC, MBB, E-RYT200

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