Whose fear is it anyway?

When we are on the verge of a deep expansion of our human spiritual boundaries, it is often that we experience great resistance and fear to inform the nervous system that our boundaries about to expand. The way we process this information then defines our journey towards expansion. If we interpret the information as a threat, we will tighten, restrict and limit ourselves. Or for example, if we interpret as exciting new experience, we may find thrill and joy in the new discovery. Whatever challenges our existing way of life, whatever we know will profoundly change us, often processed more terrifying than inviting. So then one of the key ingredients in the processing becomes whether we take the change as if being enforced on us or we are being invited to it.

We feel as if between the two worlds. One that we know how to be in, that we mastered it, that is familiar, and the one that we have no idea how to be in…One feels worn out and the other one we haven’t even tried yet but we have preconceived notions about it.

Journey to courage often require passing through the corridor of fearsome entities in order to come to the center of the heart and wisdom. When you pass through the corridor of fearsome entities, you get to the grand prize of more opening in the heart center, allowing more light to come to you and through you. But how do you get there… And open our heart feels fear-full for many despite the fact it is a wonderful prize to have. You will leave what you are accustomed to while your heart opens; your relationships change, your presence change, your coordinates change. You no longer behave out of fear but love, compassion, peace and care. That certainly affects everything around you. How can one handle that? How do you size the new and improved version of you before embody it? As it is often non-returnable…

May be then, before one heads on to the corridor of fearsome entities, one can do an inventory of the gift and skills that they possess to assess their readiness level of the new version of the self to understand they have what it takes already.

Another thing might be helpful is to notice the connections made through fear. Often, the energy offered through these connections becomes stronger and enhances your fear experience. It becomes a very difficult task to assess how much of the fear you are experiencing is “truly” yours versus offered to you collectively by others…The best thing to do in this case to start noticing, whether these exchanges are adding to your fear or helping you diminish it. If the connection is additive, then you may have a choice to close the gates to their corridors of fearful entities…

Our experiences can be quite challenging. In the end, what makes the difference is the way we choose to respond to them. We can react through fear or from a centered place of cognitive and conscious choice making. These two pathways may generate very distinctive results in the way we create our new version of being.

What will you choose?

If you are looking for extra support as you loosen the connections made through fear, and enhance your ability to stay centered, you may find my upcoming guided meditation session helpful.

May your journey into the new be filled with courage and conscious choice making for benefit of all.


Tijen Genco, MS, MCC, NBC-HWC, MBB, E-RYT200

3 thoughts on “Whose fear is it anyway?

  1. The “corridor of fearsome entities” really resounded Tijen. But I ask myself: what else does the corridor contain? There are usually doors of light, love and hope that make the fearsome entities less fearsome to the heart and mind. Thank you for the reflections!


    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for your reflections as well…I found the corridor of fearsome entities contain significant amount of potentiality towards one’s full expression, when one courageous enough to take it…And often the fearsome entities, turn into developmental ally when one faces them…
      The meditation I am offering this month is one of tool that supports a new way of relating to these entities 🙂 See if it resonates with you…


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