Human Psyche, Holistic Healing and Somatic Coaching

Human body works as a system. The organs, tissues, cells, blood, bone marrow, spinal fluid, nerves, etc. are not functioning as an isolated unit rather as a united whole and a complex enterprise. In the view of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the dis-ease occur when there is a break down in this enterprise and it is called “disharmony”. In this perspective, the Western Medicine’s efforts become limited by managing the isolated incidents of the results of such disharmony and to understand what creates it.

When molecules are off resonance, they fail to communicate with each other. When we carry thought patterns that are creating disharmony within ourselves or outside world, this could create molecular islands of separation within our cells.

Healing facilitation is quite crucial in holistic healing since it is often what blocks the cellular communication as these thought patterns often sit in the person’s blind spot. A trained facilitator such as a certified #somaticcoach may help individual to discover what is beneath the psyche with curious questioning about the issue being observed. #LouiseHay’s You can Heal Your Life book is a great reference as she compiled some of the generic beliefs related to the diseases.

My work with the clients revealed that when a distorted programing is present, there needs to be a conscious desire to change for the individual. And this process of self-reflection and discovery requires skillful coach to support client’s self-discovery of the disharmony and disharmonious thoughts. Healing process starts with the recognition and the ownership of the disharmony in existence.

I am hosting a rare opportunity of learning in this field as of August 29, 2020. Genco Method Somatic Coaching and Yoga Training is 6.5 weeks of comprehensive training that offers up to 12 #ICF CEUs/ 39 #NBHWC CEUs/ 104 #YogaAlliance CEUs. If the path of facilitating the holistic healing is appealing to you check out my Upcoming Events for further information. This is a rare offering; it is likely that I will not be repeating this training for another year.

May your journey towards healing a blessed and blissful one.

Tijen Genco, MS, MCC, NBC-HWC, MBB, E-RYT200

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