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Mentor Coaching and Coach Supervision

Genco Coaching Upcoming Events for the Spring and Summer

We prepared skillful portfolio items to support the coach’s skill set, mastery, and precision. Join us as you feel the resonance of these developmental offerings. These can be used towards required CEUs for credentialing renewal or upgrade for ICF and NBHWC (with petition).

How to Conduct a Successful Chemistry Session

Our 14th episode of Coaching With Mastery and Elegance With Tijen Genco discusses best practices for conducting successful chemistry sessions. Coaches can feel much pressure around chemistry sessions. We usually have a specific amount of time to get to know the potential client in these sessions and determine if they’re a good fit. This means…

Genco Method Coaching Beyond the Mind: Freeing Your Nervous System

Have you been craving to deepen your coaching practice and create more transformation for your clients? In this episode of Coaching With Mastery and Elegance With Tijen Genco, we are joined by PCC coach Marianne Gernetzke to discuss Tijen’s upcoming course, Beyond NLP and Cognitive Distortions, the first part of the Genco Method Coaching Beyond…

Genco Method Neurologic Approach to Coaching

Within the Genco Method Neurologic approach, we understand that a client’s ability to change requires them to feel safe in the world, knowing that the client’s executive function and self-regulation would be undesirably impacted by their response in a state that is locked to feeling unsafe for whatever reason. Genco Method Neurologic Applications to Coaching© is…

“Re-Solutioning” of New Year’s Resolutions

In our 12th episode of Coaching With Mastery & Elegance With Tijen Genco, we welcome the new year by discussing resolutions. Year after year, we are overloaded with the “new year, new you” messaging that promotes resolution-making, goal-setting, and buying programs that promise to fulfill these goals. Tijen offers a different approach based on self-reflection…

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