The Treasure Hunt for Our Lost Parts

Have you ever experienced an inner-nagging, a feeling of longing, or a lack of passion or zest?

This could be a sign that you’ve strayed from your authentic self and have alienated parts of yourself that are needing to be recognized and welcomed back in.

In our 6th episode of Coaching with Mastery & Elegance with Tijen Genco, Tijen takes us on a journey of how to reclaim our authenticity. We start from the very beginning, with the light that gets dimmed in childhood in the name of socialization, as Tijen puts it. With recognition, awareness, and a gentle invitation we can invite the lost parts of ourselves back in to reclaim our authentic selves and live out our authentic purpose with passion, zest, joy, and overall wellbeing. 

The Impact of the Mentoring Relationship and Important Points to Consider When Choosing a Mentor Coach Coaching with Mastery and Elegance with Tijen Genco

In celebration of our 10th episode of Coaching With Mastery and Elegance With Tijen Genco, we invited four fantastic coaches to discuss their experiences with mentor coaching.  David Shen, Marianne Gernetzke, Rob Minkes, Michelle Naughton, and Marta Regalado share what’s been most important to them in the mentoring relationship and its impact on their coaching.  They discuss their experiences with Tijen as their mentor coach, the uniqueness and magic of her approach, her deep support of their professional and personal growth, and the sense of belonging she creates in her mentor coaching sessions.  This episode takes us from where we started, some fresh out of coaching school, to where we are now, genuinely highlighting the impact a trusted, supportive, and wise mentor can have on our coaching journeys. Links mentioned during this episode: Group Mentor Coaching for Mastery and Highly Evolved Coaching A Brand Called You Workshop NBHWC Exam Prep Course
  1. The Impact of the Mentoring Relationship and Important Points to Consider When Choosing a Mentor Coach
  2. Discovering the Weight of Your Heart
  3. Defining and Enabling the Next Version of Yourself
  4. Appreciating Our Inner Dragons For a More Harmonic and Collaborative Life
  5. The Treasure Hunt for Our Lost Parts

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Published by Tijen Genco

Tijen Genco is a certified Professional and Life Coach. Her client portfolio include C-Level senior executives, division heads, and chiefs of staff across wide variety of fortune 100 companies; country managers of non-profit organizations; entrepreneurs, lawyers, and seasoned coaches. Tijen holds Master of Science degree in Management with concentrations in Organizational Behavior and Coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas. She has obtained Master Black Belt in Lean/Six Sigma Productivity Improvement Methodology from Merck Sigma Center of Excellence. Tijen’s engagements as trusted advisor and management consultant have resulted in multi-million dollars in productivity benefits for fortune 100 companies. Tijen holds certification in various Yoga methodologies, Pilates and Meditation. As a wellness coach she has been instructing mind-body classes at prestigious clubs in the US since 2008. Tijen specializes in Executive Coaching, Organizational Development and Cultural Transformation along with Process Excellence. She provides individual as well as group/team coaching and workshops to corporate clients and private audiences worldwide. Tijen is passionate about social issues and participates in Social Responsibility efforts. She extends her specialty of cultural transformation and behavioral changes in the healthcare industry to non-profit organizations for enabling desired behaviors towards better health. In 2013, she served 3 months in India helping to improve the quality of Maternal Health services in the rural areas, coaching non-Government Organization resources. She has served at the board of International Coaching Federation (ICF), Philadelphia Chapter, as the VP of Education and Professional Development. Along the side of her coaching business, she is chairing the Global Executive Coaching Community of Practice of ICF, and instructing mind-body classes.

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