How to enable change

Clearly defining a vision around something desired, setting a strategy around it and successfully executing that strategy towards the outcome are often skills that most people struggle with. As a strategic advisor I taught many executives over the years how to create clear vision and how to focus on that vision so that they can bring the vision into life. What I have observed over the years is that there is time and again a lack of clear vision and that leads to failed efforts, frustration and losses. It takes significant effort to clarify one’s vision. Along the side of ambiguity around the vision, there is also lack of strategy about how to execute the vision. Clarifying the vision, setting the strategy and executing that strategy are three different skills. The first one requires a coach like approach to get it out of the people; the second one requires consulting skills to help them design and the third one requires project management skills for successful execution.

As I saw in the corporate world, I often see that lot of life coaching clients struggle to bring anew in their life due to lack of vision and lack of strategy. My friends are often in awe seeing how fast I implement changes into my life. Yes, it takes clear vision, clear strategy and ability to execute; it also takes a lot of energy for one to enable the change. Today, I will focus on the last part and how to reclaim your energy in order to bring anew into one’s life.

It is often overlooked that the how much your energy is divided by the things one has and activities one is part of. We don’t realize how much of our energy invested in the things, activities and people. This behavior spreads out energy thin as of a river with many beds…The things we have accumulated over the years and activities we take part of has a big impact on what we wish to create when we wish to make a change. The material and activity overload impact one’s ability to set a clear vision. It is harder to imagine a new when one’s spending big part of their energy in their old vision. This is one of the reasons people often cannot implement changes in their life.

Once you grew out of the vision that created your current life, it requires reassessing both the objects you own and the activities you are part of, and eliminating the things that are not in line with the new vision. Therefore purging becomes a key for a successful vision setting as well as strategy execution in order for someone to focus on their energies.

In American culture self-worth is very much associated with the busy-ness of the human being. The distorted belief is that, if you are not busy, you must not be that important…Our self-worth has nothing to do with our busy-ness or any things else. We are worthy, just by our existence…This distorted belief often trips people when they are trying to do activity purge.

Today, I would like to bring awareness into this area of your life… Where in your life your energy is spreading over? What are your energetic investments and what is your return? What is the ROI (Return on Investment)? What is the yield? What was your vision when you started investing your energy, your breath on these things? What is your vision now? How are these investments in alignment with your current vision? How will you close the gap in your energetic investments? Which river beds require diverting? Where do you need to accept the loss and move on? What are your most profitable ones, and how do you shift your focus onto them more?

With joy and grace,

Tijen Genco, PCC, MS, MBB

Executive and Life Coach

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