Blossoming to Life Guided Meditation

Our ability to fully blossom to life is impacted by many factors. Often when we go through the challenges of life the first thing, we give up is our creativity and our contribution to society. Instead of taking our role with our brokenness, we resort to feeling of being less, bitter, sad or whatever it might be, and retract…

Although in English we use the word heartbroken to define the state we are in, it feels as though when we are hurt, our hearts are not physically broken but rather scarred. There seems to be an inhibition of the flow of blood and life source through the scar tissue. That I believe we interpret as our brokenness. More of these scar tissues being held in the heart more parts of the heart become inaccessible to the natural flow of grace. It is in our perseverance, compassion, forgiveness, and love that we can massage the scar tissue and bring it back to life with the wisdom and richness that comes through that experience.

Compassion can be defined as for quality that is enabling us to stay within the circumstances otherwise, we would run away from. Resilience can be achieved by being able to stay when we are challenged and engage the circumstance with our curiosity. This pathway allows us the capacity to stay close to the scar tissue. I recommend that observing the brokenness like a masterpiece that you have created and learn to appreciate its beauty. Some of them may appear to you as an odd art piece that you have no interest in looking at, even to an extent detest; some of them you may understand easier. Eventually you may learn to love and adore these “Art Gallery of Scar Tissues” of yours if you manage to stay with them and observe them long enough. It is when you start to bloom once again with more endurance and resilience…

To support your journey into such resilience I am offering a Guided Meditation Session that you may find details of it here. I designed the guided imagery and meditation for this session specifically for recognizing our divinely given gifts and giving ourselves permission to use them in their full potential so that we can start blossoming into our own life. 

The next Blossoming to Life Guided Meditation is March 27, 2021. See its events page for more details.

May you find courage to bloom in wholeheartedly no matter what you are experiencing…


Tijen Genco, MS, MCC, NBC-HWC, E-RYT200

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