Dream Coaching, Journey and Analysis

History of Dream Analysis in Therapy

In ancient times, the Babylonians and Egyptians believed dreams were prophetic and held heavenly meaning. Aristotle’s interpretation of the nature and function of sleep and dreams has various faculties of the soul, and its functions such as cognitive process: sensation, imagination, memory, and mind/intellect. Freud published The Interpretation of Dreams in 1900 is a major milestone for dream analysis and its utilization as a psychoanalytic technique. Freud regarded dreams as a vessel to communicate with the unconscious. Dream interpretation has thus been an important psychoanalytic technique. His theory of dreams mainly refers to two key points: what are the materials of a dream and how do these materials relate to one another. The answers to these questions generate some level of understanding of the dream and support the client to obtain its personal interpretation.

Jung adapted Freud’s theory, and enhanced it with the idea that the dreams not only are the expression of the repressed unconscious information but also are the expressions of creativity and growth of the human psyche and human experience. Other therapy models like Gestalt therapy, art therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy have used dream analysis in various forms.

Genco Method Dream Coaching, Journey and Analysis©

I developed an effective technique over the years as a coach and a meditation teacher, to support your reentry into the dream scene. While you are at that scene, I will ask you coaching questions that will help you discover the meaning of the dream objects inside of your dream so that you can understand the messages the dream is intending to offer to you. These sessions are deeply transformative and supportive of your ability to communicate with the deeper parts of your psyche that are unavailable to reach at the normal levels of consciousness or via ordinary or linear communication tools. These sessions will guide you to discover the truth about your being in a deeply relaxed state. In these sessions, first, I guide you into the dream reentry, and while you are inside your dream, I will engage you with the coaching questions to support your discovery about the topic you brought into the session.  

This coaching process holds sacred space for you while we explore your truth, deeper messages, and your imaginative creativity. The processes and service that as single appointments or a series of sessions to support your growth.

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