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Peacefulness with Tijen Genco

Peacefulness with Tijen Genco CD Baby Artwork Paint

As an Executive, Life and Wellbeing Coach, as well as a Mind-Body teacher I have observed the responses of my clients and students towards life events. Those experiences helped me develop methods and techniques that worked well with people in all walks of life.
With this recording I am offering various deep relaxation techniques to enhance body’s natural relaxation response as well as to enable somatic release. These are called Genco Method Comprehensive and Abbreviated Deep Relaxation experiences, and Genco Method Somatic Release.

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Chakra Symphony of the Heart

Chakra Symphony for the Heart

In this CD I will be guiding you in to a state of harmony with the imagery to restore harmonious energies that are supportive to the heart center. I designed this section to release emotional tension and imprints of significant and stressful life events from your body-mind with gentleness. Gloria Galante will be offering harp music that is complementary to the imagery I provide.

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“ A few evenings ago — it was very late — I experienced an anxiety attack that was very unsettling. I thought that putting something mindless on TV would distract me enough to calm down, but no matter what I watched, the rapid heartbeat and anxious feeling persisted. All of a sudden, I thought of your Peacefulness CD. Having not yet given myself the opportunity to listen to it, I decided that I would get into bed, put on the CD, turn out the light and just focus on your words. The next thing I knew, the CD was ending with your lovely singing and I was totally calm. I fell back to sleep and before I knew it, it was morning! The calming effect of your voice and guided meditation was amazing. Thank you for providing me with a way to calm myself when stress rears its ugly head.” – NM – Newtown PA

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