Representative Corporate Client Engagements

Global Fortune 100 Company Engagements

C- Suite

C-Level Executive of a Fortune 100 Company was struggling with company’s inclusive leadership principles while communicating with his direct reports and peers. The client’s directive and controlling style of communication was not aligned with the company’s core values. I used Company’s Core Value structure to go over client’s behavioral patterns. I also observed him during his meetings with peers and direct reports to provide feedback. The client and I then worked on how to change his behavior based on these observations to realign his behavior to Corporation’s Core Values. As a result client’s year-end feedback showed a major improvement on his style of Inclusive Leadership.

Senior Executives

Two Senior Executives of a Fortune 100 Company required to work together harmoniously on a Company-wide initiative. They were struggling with each other’s leadership style and working together in harmony. Communications often came from one or the other that was confusing to the implementation teams and organizations. I worked with these leaders to generate a leadership team that is cohesive and strength-based. During this assignment leaders learned to appreciate different styles of leadership, tap into the strengths that they didn’t not have.

Country Lead of a Fortune 100 Company required to be on boarded on to her new role in a country and culture she was not accustomed to. We worked together getting her acclaimed and her leadership style to be adjusted to the new culture of the country and company.

Cultural Change

Cultural Change Coach for Saving Mothers Giving Life: As behavioral and cultural change coach, I provided coaching to NGO Country Leads, State Health Representatives, Social Workers and mothers from India; Research Team Resources from UK and Sponsor Organization from US towards a better alignment with the goals set by UNICEF for this initiative as well as creating cohesive and high performing team structure.

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