Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision

Mentor Coaching

For the purpose of credentialing, ICF defines the Mentor Coaching as an applicant being coached on their coaching skills rather than coaching on practice building, life balance, or other topics unrelated to the development of an applicant’s coaching skill.

Coaching Supervision

ICF defines Coaching Supervision as follows:
“Coaching Supervision is the interaction that occurs when a coach periodically brings his or her coaching work experiences to a coaching supervisor in order to engage in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefit of the coach and his or her clients.”

Coaching Supervision is different activity from Mentor Coaching. Coaching Supervision offers the coach a richer and broader opportunity for support and development. In Coaching Supervision, the coach is invited to focus much more on what is going on in their process and where the personal may be intruding on the professional.

Coaching Supervision or Mentor Coaching Sessions

As a supervisory coach, I interact with the students, who are studying to be credentialed coach as ACC, PCC or MCC. We have a reflective dialogue and collaborative learning over their coaching work experiences for the development and benefit of them as well as their clients. I listen to their recorded sessions, provide written feedback as well as coaching dialogue over their client interaction.

Mentor coaching sessions are similar in nature, except that the client recordings are not used to offer feedback on ICF Core Competencies rather a coaching dialogue takes place.