The work with Tijen Genco is one of the most fantastic breakthroughs of my professional career and of my life. What she gets paid to do, it is merely for her time, what she does is invaluable, and beyond putting a price on. She as a coach is the personification of taking the ‘good’ and helping to illuminate the path towards where greatness can be achieved, she helps uncover the personal hurdles that one has, but may not see, or may not be able to break through alone.

She quickly saw my strengths, and just as quickly areas that I could use strengthening, she created a trusting environment, and started working professionally. It was always hard work, but always worth it. Thank you Tijen for the enduring gifts!

Today’s somatic coaching session was an amazing experience for me!  I felt lighter and breathed more easily for the rest of the day and into the evening.  And other than one tiny blip, I’ve had no palpitations.  Thank you for sharing your gifts with me!

Nancy M, PA, USA

Tijen’s coaching and healing tools and techniques are perfectly entwined to facilitate maximal change within your physical, emotional, mental and energetic systems.

The results are astounding, the growth exponential. Working with Tijen has been a movement into bliss! If desire growth, then your choice for a coach must be Tijen!

Scott H., Adelaide, Australia”

I had the opportunity to be coached by Tijen Genco.I found her to be an extremely intuitive and deeply perceptive coach. During the time that she coached me, I gained greater clarity about two important areas of my life, including what was getting in my way of successfully moving forward. I recommend Tijen to anyone who is looking for a transformational coaching experience!

Lisa K., PA USA

Tijen was my mentor coach during the CPCC Certification program with The Coaches Training Institute. Her commitment to my success was deep; her insight and intuition amazing; her care for me went beyond that of a coach with a client. Tijen brings a unique combination of a corporate internal coach, a yoga instructor, a spiritual student, and many more – which makes coaching with her rich and powerful. I would highly recommend Tijen for those who aspire to live their fullest potential.

Cindy T, NY, USA

I highly recommend Tijen as a coach. Our sessions always bring awareness to the issue at hand, whether it is in life or in business. Tijen’s ability to see beyond what you are stating and provide a larger picture for you is her strongest talent. I’ve been able to get to the root of the issue quicker and more meaningfully with her by my side.

Susan S., CO USA

Tijen’s methods are gentle, yet direct. She is highly skilled in creating tangible outcomes and has the intuition to sense what is going on at a deeper levels.
Tijen worked with me on breakthroughs that helped me get focused and clear. She helped me release some final remnants of childhood based financial blocks.
She helped me tap into hidden skills.
My own coaching sessions are more effective and enjoyable. Her coaching has positively transformed my life and my business.

Nannette D., NV USA