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Presenter: Tijen Genco, PCC

Date: Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Time: 7:30 – 8:30pm CT

Place: Online REGISTER

Offering Feedback: How to give Nurturing, Developmental and Supportive Feedback

Feedback is an essential tool for creating further awareness for individual, community, and organizational effectiveness and learning.  It is also one of the significant tools of a skillful coach.  Ongoing feedback in coaching is used to reinforce a client’s desired behaviors and new skills, to motivate the client to pursue higher levels of performance, as well as to highlight the discrepancies between the current state and desired state.  In this session, we will be discussing common feedback mechanisms and how to offer effective developmental feedback.

Whether you are interested in developing your feedback skills as a coach or as a mentor coach, this session might be supportive of your learning on how to effectively use feedback to create self-awareness towards intrinsic motivation and change.

Cognitive Distortions Webinar

Date: 3/07/2019
Time: 1:30 PM – 3:15 PM EST
Price: $35

Cognitive Distortions are the learned mental modeling or filters that sit deep in our psyche and influence the way we experience the world. We often are unaware of how they distort our experience. Cognitive Distortions not only limit our choices, can lead to incorrect assumptions hence unnecessary suffering.

Coach’s ability to recognize the cognitive distortions during a session may create a great opportunity to raise our client’s awareness, challenge their limiting thought processes, and free themselves such distorted view of the world.

In this lecture I will be covering most common cognitive distortions, teach how to recognize them in a session and how to engage the client towards the resolution of such distorted view of the world.

Webinar link will be sent to the registered participants once the payment received.

Cognitive Distortions Webinar