Breakthrough Self-Compassion and Acceptance

Starting anew requires resolution and releasing the old. One must deal with the ghosts of guilt, unforgiveness, and shame that you may be carrying around, to be able to successfully start new endeavors without these emotional weights pushing you down. Your soul knows you must heal some beliefs; therefore, it will bring them to your awareness. In some scenarios, you may feel completely helpless, victimized and powerless to change, and in others you may feel guilt and shame. I have designed this multi-level workshop to create awareness of such scenarios influencing your life though subconscious programming, and to offer you a gentle and relaxed environment to release and resolve them. This proven-to-be effective workshop package has three major components.

You may consider this as a gift to your life, or a gift of healing and freedom to someone else.

Currently, this event is not scheduled. If you are interested in attending, please fill out this form.

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