The Impact of the Mentoring Relationship and Important Points to Consider When Choosing a Mentor Coach

In celebration of our 10th episode of Coaching With Mastery and Elegance With Tijen Genco, we invited four fantastic coaches to discuss their experiences with mentor coaching. David Shen, Marianne Gernetzke, Rob Minkes, Michelle Naughton, and Marta Regalado share what’s been most important to them in the mentoring relationship and its impact on their coaching.…

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Discovering the Weight of Your Heart

The ancient Egyptians believed a well-lived life came down to how you answered the following two questions: “Have you found joy in your life?” and “Has your life brought joy to others?” As a response, our discussion revolves around finding joy, balance, and harmonic flow. Tijen answers questions such as, “What is joy, and how…

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Genco Method Approach to Group Coaching and Guided Meditation

Tijen has a unique approach to Guided Meditation and Group Coaching. In this video, Michelle and Tijen discuss this unique approach. Enjoy the video to learn more about Tijen’s methods to create lasting and sustainable results for each of these practices. To experience these techniques visit our upcoming events listed below. Defining and Enabling the…

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Defining and Enabling the Next Version of Yourself

What does it mean to reach your full potential? Reaching your full potential is regularly defined by achievements and accolades. Tijen offers a more expansive and heart-centered definition. For her, It’s about your divine design and what you’re ordained to do. We speak of the envisioning process as a way to reach your full potential…

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Appreciating Our Dragons For a More Harmonic and Collaborative Life

In today’s episode of Coaching With Mastery and Elegance with Tijen Genco, our very special guest, PCC coach Marianne Gernetzke, speaks with Tijen and Marta about the integration of the self as a way to reach what Tijen would define as our full potential.

The conversation begins with Marianne’s explanation of the Internal Family Systems Theory, a psychotherapy approach developed to identify a person’s inner parts and work with them to create a more balanced and harmonious life.

This approach, which is widely used in psychotherapy, can be applied to coaching in a way that stays within our scope of practice.

Tijen discusses the system that she’s created to work with her clients’ inner parts—the Genco Method Harmony and Collaboration approach, which looks at our inner parts through the lens of understanding and appreciation and leads to holistic change.

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2022 Fall Upcoming Events

September Group Mentor Sessions are open for registration. Come to these sessions to learn to coach masterfully, connect with like-minded individuals, practice in a supportive and loving environment and learn from a Master Certified Coach. Click to learn more Click to RegIster  This very special group coaching retreat is to help participants to define and…

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The Treasure Hunt for Our Lost Parts

Have you ever experienced an inner-nagging, a feeling of longing, or a lack of passion or zest? This could be a sign that you’ve strayed from your authentic self and have alienated parts of yourself that are needing to be recognized and welcomed back in. In our 6th episode of Coaching with Mastery & Elegance…

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Establishing Coaching with Mastery

In this video Tijen and Michelle are discussing Tijen’s book GENCO METHOD COACHING WITH PRECISION – ESTABLISHING COACHING AGREEMENT WITH MASTERY: Coaching with Superior Efficiency and Effectiveness under 30 Minutes.

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Group Mentor Coaching for August

Group Mentor sessions to get you to the masterful coaching . Regardless of your credential level, Tijen will  each you to arrive at mastery in these sessions with demonstrations, in the moment feedback as well as  discussing current coaching topics. We are accepting registrations for August.

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Genco Method Coaching with Precision

Establishing Coaching Agreement with Mastery Coaching with Superior Efficiency and Effectiveness under 30 minutes In this episode we discuss Tijen’s new book, Genco Method Coaching with Precision: Establishing Coaching Agreement with Mastery and Coaching with Superior Efficiency and Effectiveness under 30 minutes. Tijen begins the conversation with what motivated her to write the book, as…

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Upcoming Events

Hello Everyone, Group Mentor Coaching sessions is taking registrations for August. We are skipping month of July. These fill out quickly. First come first serve! Our NBHWC Exam Prep course is still accepting registrations for the course starting in June. Looking forward to hosting you…

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Communicating What You Do as a Coach

Coaching is very experiential—you have to try it to see the profound value of it. So as coaches we can find it difficult to effectively communicate what coaching is and what it is that we offer to potential clients. In today’s episode, we delve into how to communicate what you do as a coach. Tijen’s…

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Upcoming Events for May

May comes in full bloom in Genco Coaching. To help International Coach Federation celebrate international coaching week I am offering gift sessions as well as collaborative sessions with ICF Orange County and, ICF LA. We are also enrolling students for Mentor Coaching for Mastery sessions for May and Genco Method Neurologic Approach to Coach Training.…

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Belonging to Yourself and to Others

In our third episode of Coaching With Mastery and Elegance with Tijen Genco, we talk about belonging: Our deep and fundamental need to belong to ourselves and to others. Tijen begins by defining belonging and discussing where this inherent need comes from, the importance of experiencing ourselves through our relationships, and the need for self-reflection…

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