Upcoming Events for May

May comes in full bloom in Genco Coaching. To help International Coach Federation celebrate international coaching week I am offering gift sessions as well as collaborative sessions with ICF Orange County and, ICF LA. We are also enrolling students for Mentor Coaching for Mastery sessions for May and Genco Method Neurologic Approach to Coach Training.Continue reading “Upcoming Events for May”

Belonging to Yourself and to Others

In our third episode of Coaching With Mastery and Elegance with Tijen Genco, we talk about belonging: Our deep and fundamental need to belong to ourselves and to others. Tijen begins by defining belonging and discussing where this inherent need comes from, the importance of experiencing ourselves through our relationships, and the need for self-reflectionContinue reading “Belonging to Yourself and to Others”

Recovering From Perfectionism

Is perfectionism robbing you of joy? In today’s episode, we discuss perfectionism: from how to identify it and create awareness around it to how to start healing from it. Tijen begins the conversation by offering her definition of perfectionism and answering the question, How does perfectionism differ from striving for excellence, and how can youContinue reading “Recovering From Perfectionism”

It’s All About Love

In our first episode of Coaching with Mastery & Elegance with Tijen Genco we explore all things love. From love as a universal energy to the ways the ancient Greek philosophers defined it. We then transition into the individual experience of love. We begin by discussing the traditional view of love that creates expectations thatContinue reading “It’s All About Love”

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