It’s All About Love

In our first episode of Coaching with Mastery & Elegance with Tijen Genco we explore all things love. From love as a universal energy to the ways the ancient Greek philosophers defined it. We then transition into the individual experience of love. We begin by discussing the traditional view of love that creates expectations thatContinue reading “It’s All About Love”

Coaching with Mastery and Elegance Podcast

Meet Coaching with Mastery and Elegance Podcast. Maria Marta Regalado and I will discuss concepts of everyday work, life and wellbeing and how they show up in the coaching conversations. I will share her perspectives from self-improvement and self-healing perspectives for the listeners who are interested in self-reflective-work. And share coaching tips for the coachesContinue reading “Coaching with Mastery and Elegance Podcast”

Mastery in Coaching

As an assessor, I can share that masterful coaching often does not correspond to the credentialing levels, rather coach’s ability to bring clients to the new levels of awareness and depth of themselves so that the solutions become organically available to them at these new levels. This means that coaches need to enhance their self-awarenessContinue reading “Mastery in Coaching”

Envisioning Your Best Life

Understanding the process of bringing something into life is a crucial part of self-expression as well as self-actualization. In Genco Method©, self-actualization refers to the realization of one’s highest potential, while self-realization refers to responding to one’s needs and bringing one’s desired intents into life to experience them in human form.  There is a concept of egoContinue reading “Envisioning Your Best Life”

NBHWC Exam Prep and Content Review Class

We have an upcoming engaging NBHWC Exam Prep and Content Review Class that will assist you in preparation for the NBHWC Exam. Experienced certified Health and Wellness coach and coach trainer instructors will share their experience with the participants in a helpful way to prepare them for the content and the way the questions areContinue reading “NBHWC Exam Prep and Content Review Class”

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