Genco Method© Training Courses

Why Genco Method?

Looking at the types of coaching, most coach trainings focus on transactional coaching techniques.

Often, educators feel that in the beginning, student coaches need to learn simpler techniques to be able to coach. While it provides a great start to coach training, it can also create the limiting perception that coaching is only about transactional situations and can hinder a coach’s journey to mastery and beyond. 

In Genco Coaching, we believe that students can be taught masterful coaching right from the beginning. The concepts of transformational and transcendental coaching are taught alongside those of traditional transactional coaching techniques, and early exposure to mastery level techniques can enhance a student coach’s journey to more effective coaching overall. We also take our coaching to much deeper stages to support client’s arrival to a new level in their consciousness where the new perspectives and solutions become organically available to them.

Genco Method© courses incorporate this philosophy of teaching mastery level techniques to students of any level. All levels are welcome! Explore the unique offerings below.

Learn how to bring transformative experiences to your clients through Genco Method© courses!

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