Offering Developmental Feedback

Feedback is an essential tool for creating further awareness for individual, community, and
organizational effectiveness and learning. Ongoing feedback in coaching is used to reinforce talent’s
desired behaviors and new skills, to motivate the individual to pursue higher levels of performance, as
well as to highlight the discrepancies between the current state and desired state.

As a person who offered feedback from individual contributors to chief executives and regional leaders
of non-profit organizations, and as a master mentor coach, Tijen developed best practices over the years
and created her Genco Method Care© Feedback Delivery Approach. In this workshop, Tijen will share
these best practices of feedback mechanisms and how to offer effective developmental feedback.
Whether you are interested in developing your feedback skills as a coach, a people leader, individual
contributor or as a mentor, this workshop might be supportive of your learning on how to effectively
use feedback to create self-awareness towards intrinsic motivation and change.

This training designed to support managers and leaders give productive, effective, and useful
feedback to their direct reports that will support their growth and development as well as their
productivity. Also, this workshop is helpful for non-supervisor participants to learn tools to effectively
share feedback upwards in their reporting chain and across to their colleagues. Depending on the
organization’s needs, Tijen can deliver this training from two hours of core practice to two days of
extensive delivery.

If you are interested in this training, please fill out this form.

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