Somatic & Energetic Coaching Training with Focus on Movement and Reiki

Regardless of the setting, whether it is Executive, Life, or Health and Wellness Coaching, coaches may include an energetic or somatic approach to their practice to engage the client from the whole person perspective. This course benefits and boosts coaching practice by enhancing the coach’s ability to listen to the client holistically and have a dialogue with the client that is inclusive to somatic as well as energetic inquiries around subtle bodies. With this course, you will develop a unique niche through your ability to listen to, inquire, understand, and appreciate the client more deeply and holistically and to support your client’s progression through their coaching objectives. 

This training consists of theory and practicum with a Master Mentor Coach/Yoga and Pilates Teacher/Reiki Master and student practicum with a client. Each module is designed to provide students with knowledge of systems of the Meridian System and language to access subtle bodies with the Genco Method Holistic Inquiry© (GMHI).

Genco Method Holistic Inquiry© (GMHI) developed by Master Mentor Coach and coach educator Tijen Genco, MCC, NBC-HWC. The distinction and power of this inquiry come from Tijen’s ability to marry Western Evidenced Based Methods with Esoteric Somatic and Energetic Healing Arts to produce impactful, profoundly transformative, and sustaining results for the clients. GMHI utilizes many Somatic and Energetic gateways to facilitate results from various traditions such as the Acupuncture Meridian System, Chakra System, Reiki, numerous lineages of Yogic practices, Kabbalah, etc.

These courses utilize Esoteric and Energy Systems as the main gateway for the Genco Method Holistic Inquiry© (GMHI). Students will develop the ability to invite clients to such discoveries through the GMHI as an energetic and somatic approach.

Course modules include lectures explaining the Esoteric and Energy Systems and their application to GMHI; homework assignments; group discussions, readings, and case study development working with a practicum client.

This course addresses various learning styles to enhance students’ learning and skill development. These are somatic and energetic coaching skills through theory, case study development, assignments, and practical application of knowledge. Students also benefit from enhancing their well-being and self-realization through the practice with the master teacher.

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