Genco Method Neurologic Approach to Coaching

Taking Beyond Polyvagal Theory The Polyvagal Theory (PVT) describes the capacity and how the central nervous system influences the autonomic nervous system and its adaptive reactivity to the environment. PVT emphasizes the different parts of the nervous system and their impact on the human system as parasympathetic and sympathetic. In the Part 2 section ofContinue reading “Genco Method Neurologic Approach to Coaching”

Group Mentoring for Masterful Coaching

Group Mentoring class for May is open for registration. We have a few spots left to participate in this very supportive learning environment. Join us.

Genco Coaching Upcoming Events for the Spring and Summer

We prepared skillful portfolio items to support the coach’s skill set, mastery, and precision. Join us as you feel the resonance of these developmental offerings. These can be used towards required CEUs for credentialing renewal or upgrade for ICF and NBHWC (with petition).

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