Mentor Guided Annual Reflection Session

The reflection practice is about learning, reviewing your life from a space of non-judgment, and contemplating your behavior and its results. Sitting with yourself and taking an honest moment to think about how you respond to life and its effects produces significant self-awareness and an opportunity to integrate undigested life. Reflection requires courage. When itContinue reading “Mentor Guided Annual Reflection Session”

Conditional Love

We hear about “unconditional love” and use the term without really being able to embody its meaning. When you have never experienced something, it is hard to understand it, such as unconditional love. Therefore, before we can speak about unconditional love. Maybe it is helpful that we talk about conditional love. Today, I would likeContinue reading “Conditional Love”

Human Psyche and Holistic Medicine

A transformation of medicine is underway, a transition from a science of managing symptoms to a science of holistic health and wellbeing. Education in Western medicine offers the training on dissected body parts and their operations as a disconnected function. Furthermore the teachings of Western Medicine often exclude the energetic flows inside the human body-mindContinue reading “Human Psyche and Holistic Medicine”

Fear-less Choices

Technorati Tags: fearless,fear releasing,Diana Ross,I will Survive,anxiety Fear is form of an energy almost everyone get to experience while being alive. We know it is debilitating. Despite the fact that we often experience the same fear over and over again we don’t know how to release the fear or how not to take part inContinue reading “Fear-less Choices”

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