Human Psyche and Holistic Medicine

A transformation of medicine is underway, a transition from a science of managing symptoms to a science of holistic health and wellbeing. Education in Western medicine offers the training on dissected body parts and their operations as a disconnected function. Furthermore the teachings of Western Medicine often exclude the energetic flows inside the human body-mind as a system. This is also true in many of the Physical Education and Fitness as a science except Mind-Body modalities.

In reality human body works as a system. The organs, tissues, cells, blood, bone marrow, spinal fluid, nerves, etc. are not functioning as an isolated unit rather as a united whole, as a complex enterprise. In the view of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the dis-ease stems when there is a break down in this enterprise and it is called “disharmony”. In this perspective, the Western Medicine’s efforts become limited by managing the isolated incidents of the results of such disharmony and to understand what creates it.

Activities performed by the people in “holistic healing” and “healing arts” often criticized due to their disconnection from the science and lack of education of some practitioners that they call themselves “healers”.

The truth is that no one other than the individual experiencing the disharmony can be a “healer” for themselves. The others, whether they are medical doctors or holistic healing practitioners, etc., might be able to facilitate the healing depending on individual’s conscious choices towards resolving the disharmony, so calling them “Healing Facilitator” is more appropriate way to address the role.

I explained in details of the Somatic Coaching on my Coaching of the Body-Mind, Somatic Coaching Blog. In this one, it is my intention to bring awareness on how the healing can be facilitated through a holistic approach and give reader some ideas on how to select the healing facilitators for themselves when in need.

In his The Yoga of Time Travel and Dr. Quantum’s World blog Dr. Fred Allan Wolf explains that “… when molecules are off-resonance, they fail to communicate with each other; such off-resonance could arise from atomic changes in the molecules or from subtle changes in the probability patterns of the qwiffs, possibly brought on by “negative” thinking.” He continues to say “…I speculate, influenced by such thinking, perhaps molecules tend to isolate themselves, forming self-contained units of limited capacity. Such molecular isolation can be understood in terms of our own behavior when we feel depressed or unduly anxious about something, and want to be alone in our misery. Consequently, illness and negative thinking could create molecular islands of separation within our cells. Healing energy counters this separation tendency by fostering correlations between molecules: One molecule heals another. And possibly in the relationship between a healer and a Healee, the healer attempts, through touch and simple bodily presence, to resonate with the Healee. Healing energy is felt, then, as a simultaneous presence in the healer and the Healee.”

Healing facilitation is quite crucial in holistic healing since it is often what blocks the cellular communication as it is described by Dr. Fred Allan Wolf above, is in the person’s blind spot. A trained facilitator such as a certified coach may help individual to discover what is beneath the psyche with curious questioning about the issue being observed. Louise Hay’s You can Heal Your Life book is a great reference as she compiled some of the generic beliefs related to the diseases. She also offers affirmations towards such distorted beliefs, which results the isolation of the cell.

M work with the clients revealed that when a distorted programing is present, it is unlikely to overwrite that with an affirmation. A conscious desire to change requires taking place for the individual and exercising their free will towards that change has to happen prior to affirmation to work. And this process of self-reflection and discovery requires skillful Healing Facilitator that can give a lot of space to the Healee to discover the disharmony in the time and space that works for them. Therefore my suggestion to the reader is to look for such skillful and experienced Coaches or other forms of Healing Facilitators, and stay away from someone who suggests that they can do the “Healing” for you. I also can share with you from my own experience as well as the client observations that the forms of body work such as massage are helpful to calm the body-mind but again they cannot resolve the disharmony for you it is something that you need to own and look for someone to support you on that journey. Healing process starts with the recognition and the ownership of the disharmony in existence.

Again, if the path of holistic healing is appealing to you then you may need to look for certain qualifications in such individual. Although I explained the existing limitations of Western Medicine above, I am a firm believer of substantial education. If that means someone spent years as an apprentice of an authentic shamanic healing that might be OK. On the other hand, my perspective is to stay away from the individuals who are calling themselves “Healer” after taking a weekend course of some form of an Energy Medicine. Energy Medicine requires long discovery times as well as self-reflection for someone to be able to master and to support others. If a person has not done sufficient amount of self-reflection then what are they offering is some sort of a repetition of what they heard from someone else and that is not sufficient to facilitate someone else’s healing journey. Also when hiring wellness coach I suggest look into the certifications and the reputation of certifying organization. Nowadays, everyone is calling themselves “coach”. Organizations such as ICF (International Coaching Federation) requires over 125 hours of education, mentorship and supervision of coaching under a seasoned coach, demonstrations of core competencies before they qualify someone as a coach. Just because you are choosing a path that is practiced more like an art than a science does not mean that you need not to look for experience and education. Ask questions, interview the person you are choosing to be your Healing Facilitator, understand their energy, their approach before you open up your energetic channels to them and chose them as your partner in your healing journey.

May your journey towards healing a blessed and blissful one.

References: Mark Hyman, James Gordon, and Penny George — The Evolution of Medicine On Being Podcast Released Dec 03, 2015

Tijen Genco, MS, PCC, MBB

Executive and Life Coach

Published by Tijen Genco

Tijen Genco is a certified Professional and Life Coach. Her client portfolio include C-Level senior executives, division heads, and chiefs of staff across wide variety of fortune 100 companies; country managers of non-profit organizations; entrepreneurs, lawyers, and seasoned coaches. Tijen holds Master of Science degree in Management with concentrations in Organizational Behavior and Coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas. She has obtained Master Black Belt in Lean/Six Sigma Productivity Improvement Methodology from Merck Sigma Center of Excellence. Tijen’s engagements as trusted advisor and management consultant have resulted in multi-million dollars in productivity benefits for fortune 100 companies. Tijen holds certification in various Yoga methodologies, Pilates and Meditation. As a wellness coach she has been instructing mind-body classes at prestigious clubs in the US since 2008. Tijen specializes in Executive Coaching, Organizational Development and Cultural Transformation along with Process Excellence. She provides individual as well as group/team coaching and workshops to corporate clients and private audiences worldwide. Tijen is passionate about social issues and participates in Social Responsibility efforts. She extends her specialty of cultural transformation and behavioral changes in the healthcare industry to non-profit organizations for enabling desired behaviors towards better health. In 2013, she served 3 months in India helping to improve the quality of Maternal Health services in the rural areas, coaching non-Government Organization resources. She has served at the board of International Coaching Federation (ICF), Philadelphia Chapter, as the VP of Education and Professional Development. Along the side of her coaching business, she is chairing the Global Executive Coaching Community of Practice of ICF, and instructing mind-body classes.

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