Executive & Corporate Services

Working with Fortune 100 companies for over twenty-three years, I developed a deep understanding of business, professionalism, and the challenges of corporate environments. My roles have involved global change architecture and execution, as well as service and process excellence. I have worked with every aspect of businesses worldwide, shoulder to shoulder with every level of management. In addition to developing an understanding of the business concepts and leadership challenges, I also helped leaders design and implement changes toward excellence.

During my tenure in the business world, I was trained in mind-body teachings and mindfulness techniques, in addition to the technical and scientific training I was taking to advance my career. Over the years, I have effectively melded the two worlds to provide an effective strategy for transformation in business for employees and executives. Often, people will refer to me as “Executive Yogini” or “Boardroom Meditation Teacher.”

My warmth and compassion provide a unique flavor to my offerings. I integrate Eastern esoteric wisdom with Western scientific approaches seamlessly, while hosting you in trusting and caring sessions. In this way, changes that you wish to experience for yourself or for your company become sustainable, joyful, easy, scientific, and transcendental all at the same time.

Executive and Professional Coaching Services

A minimum of three months of coaching services is recommended to start recognizing behavioral changes.

  • Executive Coaching Sessions: These sessions include strategy setting and execution; onboarding; leadership development and growth; emotional intelligence, diversity, and inclusion practices; change execution; 360-degree specialized assessments (MRG LEA 360, MRG IDI Assessments); conflict resolution; development of high performance teams, and more.
  • Executive Well-being Coaching™ Sessions: These sessions support executives to achieve well-being in every aspect of their life—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and professional, and may include recognizing stress response, enabling healthier lifestyle, having a balanced life, establishing healthier eating habits, including self-nurturing and self-care time in their daily/weekly schedule, and more.
  • Team/ Group Coaching Services: These sessions support teams and groups to achieve higher performance by collectively finding resolutions, growth, harmony, and deeper levels of understanding themselves and each other. Participants learn through exchange and interaction with each other. The participants’ energy, synergy, wisdom, contributions, feedback, encouragement, and support accelerate learning, growth, and the attainment of each participant’s goals.

Organizations That Have Benefitted From My Coaching

Here is a sampling of organizations that I have worked with over the years:

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