Rebirthing to Life Guided Meditation

After a significant life event, it might be helpful to perform a ritual to mark the time of completion, and fully recognize that it is time to rise from the ashes and arrive at the new space fully, before we start a new way of living. Any new beginning requires an assimilation process, just as if you were taking your first breath in this new life. One will realize such a significant transformation by finding confidence and trust in one’s body and mind, and gently releasing oneself into the new experience.

How can one then find confidence and trust within to give rebirth to oneself? This process requires a warrior-like awareness of understanding one’s own behavioral patterns, where the fear is leaking and contaminating one’s responses to life. This necessitates a significant amount of quality time with oneself for reestablishing new neural pathways to create a new, loving, kind, compassionate, response to whatever is happening in this new experience.

This process necessitates qualities of yin, the feminine principle of nourishment, stillness, love; after all, you need time to gestate prior to the birth. When one takes up such a journey of change in anything, such as a new relationship, moving to a new location, starting up a new career, etc., any kind of creative activity where one connects to one’s higher self becomes very helpful. Examples are meditation, daily restorative, hatha, or yin types of yoga practices, gentle diet, and being in nature.

I have developed a unique guided meditation session to support and ease any kind of new beginning in life. I designed the guided imagery and meditation for this session to facilitate finding inner confidence and trust, and to recognize our inherent gifts. Also to give ourselves permission to use the full potential of our gifts, so that we can start new beginnings. This guided healing session is also very helpful for releasing any kind of birth trauma, as well as any challenges of bonding with their mother, one may have experienced.

This session will fill your hearts, empty your minds, help you feel encouraged, energized, and comfortable to start new beginnings, whatever they might be for you, in the most peaceful state!

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