Soul Level Coaching ™

Ancient Egyptians believed that a soul was made up of many parts. In addition to these components of the soul, the human body was defined as the sum of the composition. Egyptians listed these components as Khet (physical formation), Sah (spiritual body), Ib (heart), Ka (vital essence), Ba (personality), Shut (shadow), Sekhem (form), Ren (name), and Akh (intellect).

The Tree of Life appears in many ancient teachings since the Sumerian tables and finds its most updated form in the Kabalistic teachings. In this perspective there is Sefirot, the spheres of consciousness enable human into being. The Sefirot is described as channels of divine creative consciousness through which the divine essence is experienced in human formation.

In ancient Vedas and Traditional Chinese Medicine speak about energy centers chakras and meridians, and their flows as well as influence in the human form.

Western science has now started to connect the energetic aspects of human consciousness to the knowledge studied through cadavers, and how each cell is intelligent in the human body to make decisions.

Dr. Michal Newton revealed that the use of spiritual regression, one can reach the levels of consciousness that is not available otherwise at the normal levels of awakened state. Deeply relaxed state is supportive of one’s ability to reach the greater levels of consciousness and inform the physical or more shallow aspects of the consciousness from that level of intelligence of the spirit.

Genco Method© Soul-level Coaching™ is a special service that I have developed over the years for the clients that are unable to create a change and shift to their behavior through ordinary levels of consciousness. For deeply rooted issues, while it is often the conscious mind that agrees to the change, the subconscious or unconscious part of the psyche, specifically inherited patterning, often does not agree with the conscious mind’s choices and continues to inform the physical part of the body to act in a way that is not in harmony with what conscious mind wishes. Therefore, clients are often unable to make the change through traditional methods.

In these sessions, I will guide you into the depths of your psyche/soul to discover the truth about your choices, yourself, and your life in a profoundly relaxed state. After arrival to that deeply relaxed state, I will ask you coaching questions to support your own discovery about the topic you brought into the session. The significant difference between my methodology and any other regression approach is that often therapists guide the clients into the regressive state by hypnosis and tell the client what to do. This method dismisses the client’s own intelligence and free will. In my sessions, regardless of how deeply relaxed you are, you still are in charge and coming to awareness, recognizing your unconscious patterns, and then making a sustainable choice by yourself that is not dictated or suggested by someone else.

This coaching process holds the sacred space for you while we explore your truth and authentic way of being. You may use this service as a single appointment or a series of sessions to ignite your intuition and connection to your life mission. As we reach deeper levels of consciousness, our concept of time also changes, and one might need more time for discovery. Therefore, these sessions are scheduled for two hours to support the client’s self-discovery and offer them time and space to finish the discovery process without being rushed.

If you are interested in Soul Level Coaching™ with Tijen Genco, please fill out the form.

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