A Brand Called You: Personal and Business Niche and Branding

Often new coaches struggle to understand their niche and brand themselves or their businesses. As a corporate strategist and executive coach, I worked with many executives and entrepreneurs helping them clarify, understand, and own their gifts as well as learn to communicate their offerings with ease and confidence. It is often that we are unable to see our gifts as they fall into our blind spots, we are so accustomed to them that we don’t realize their importance, or somehow, we dismiss their value. I designed a 2-part workshop to support any new business owner to offer clarity, courage and support them for establishing their niche and brand. I am offering 3 distinctive learning practices to address different learning styles and both the heart, body and mind learning in this comprehensive workshop.

  • The first part of this workshop will be a 30 mins guided meditation where participants are guided to envision their desired state of their coaching business.
  • Following to that guided imagery session, there will be Hands on Learning Lab where the participants work on expanding their understanding of their brand, start verbalizing in this workshop, and have post session reflections to further build on that.
  • Participants are also encouraged to submit 5-8 images and statements that represent their desired state along with an optional background music to Tijen for a creation of their mind-movie. (These images and statements would be similar to the ones one might place in a vision board.) Mind-movies are a technique to condition subconscious mind towards desired state. Tijen will create Mind-Movie for each participant to continue to watch and reinstate the message to subconscious after the workshop to create enduring impact towards their desired state.

Read what past participants had to say about this course:

“A Brand Called You was an eye-opening course that completely changed my perspective on branding. Through Tijen’s teachings, which are both spacious and inspiring, giving one room for self-discovery as well as offering valuable insights, I discovered that branding is about so much more than what I had previously thought. This course really gave me the courage to open my heart to who I am and the confidence to start creating a brand that feels truly authentic and reflects my unique offering as a coach. I highly recommend this course to anyone who feels lost in the mainstream branding model. The progress I made in such a short period of time feels truly remarkable!” – MR, El Salvador

I took the Branding/Niche Workshop and actually went in without an issue with my business branding to resolve. What I got out of it was more generalized with respect to my life and next directions, only one of which was my business. So while the naming of course implies a business focus, the workshop can actually be used as an exercise in deriving a more general direction for your entire life. I also like to point out that it introduced me to 3 of my guides, and set me on a path of exploration of active dreaming and shamanism, and opened my eyes to a new and rewarding esoteric path. I would highly recommend this course, even if you do not have a business branding issue to resolve. Just enter into the course substituting “life” for “business” and I am sure something very worthwhile will come out of it!” – DS, CA

This workshop is being offered this September 2021. Sign up for it here.

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