Peacefulness with Tijen Genco for Somatic Release

Our life experiences impact our mind-body, either consciously or unconsciously. Events, such as a loss of any kind, often result in emotional traumas; for instance, loss of a loved one, a financial or job loss, illness, fearful thoughts, accidents, and the like. Emotional traumas can create an imprint in the psyche and can be reflected in our body language, posture and physical expressions. In some cases, past traumas may express themselves in the form of physical symptoms, such as pain, digestive challenges, hormonal imbalances, sexual or immune system dysfunctions, depression, addiction, etc. Traumatic events often lock the Autonomic Nervous System into a certain unchanging response. The influence of traumas often stay in the body-mind, until the experiencer reconnects with that part of their body-mind to resolve the trauma. My clients often report that the flow of the breath is often obstructed in areas where the trauma information is stored within their body.

Genco Method Somatic Release© is a process that facilitates enabling a new breathing pattern into the observed disruption, gently releasing somatic tension, and reestablishing a healthier breathing pattern within the cell tissue. This process is supportive of releasing the trauma or tension, and bringing the cell, hence the mind-body, into a healthier state of being. I designed the Genco Method Somatic Release© process to enable mental and physical relaxation, resulting in greater well-being, peacefulness, sense of harmony and overall coherence in one’s being, and to release emotional tension and imprints of significant and stressful life events from your mind-body with gentleness.

Peacefulness with Tijen Genco© audio recording is also available for purchase for practitioners who would like to have my soothing voice with them on demand.

I am offering the Genco Method Somatic Release Guided Meditation Event as a somatic release tool, to assist in a gentle discovery and resolution from the tension one might have experienced.

Wishing you all a peace-filled day!

Tijen Genco, MS, MCC, NBC-HWC, MBB, E-RYT200

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