Rising Through Resilience Group Coaching Workshop

5 Steps to Resilience

Often, resilience is defined as one’s ability to bounce back from a challenging experience and keep moving forward. My definition differs from that. I see resilience as a gatekeeper, a bottleneck point in our spiritual advancement as a human being. In our journey of life, we are offered many opportunities or bottlenecks to decide whether we meet the challenge and respond to the gatekeeper properly. This will determine our ability to get to the next level in our being and self-expression. Some people decide to go backwards in their spiraling journey, some decide to stay where they are and act as if the spiral was a circle, and some keep going deeper in their spiral of spiritual existence and explore new depths of themselves. I say that each challenge is an invitation to change and deepening. How we respond to that invitation is our choice.

To me, there are various degrees of demonstrating resilience, requiring various skill sets.

  1. The first step is detachment.
  2. The second step is focusing on the now.
  3. The third step is finding something that you can manage and fit into your value structure that is related to the challenging experience you are having.
  4. The fourth step is integrating life’s offerings.
  5. The fifth and last step gets you into mastery.

Hear about the 5 steps towards mastering resilience in the short video below:

This is a Five-Weeks Group Coaching package to support your needs towards developing resilience whatever that requires resilience in your life. During this workshop I will facilitate group coaching session to address the challenges the participants might need to overcome to develop resilience. In group coaching, participants support and inspire each other while learning from one another; they grow and flourish in this supported environment.

  • Week 1- Detachment
  • Week 2- Focusing on the now
  • Week 3- Focusing on something manageable in your life.
  • Week 4- Integrating life’s offerings.
  • Week 5- Arriving to mastery.

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