Calling for Expiring Harmful Thought Patterns

We stepped into the Aquarian age for a while now. Some of the qualities of Aquarian age are listed as solidarity and fellowship; kindness and compassion; philanthropy and altruism; spiritual awareness, equality, democracy, freedom, peace, and love. In this age, we could elevate the humanity into more loving, more caring, being more expansive as we evolve from being homosaphiens to homospiritus.

In this age, we are to accept our wholeness and our connectedness to a larger creative existence and express it with each committed action. When this is the case, there is no room for keep carrying the thought forms that are holding us back, and distance us from ourselves, one another, and from our creative existence.

Collectively, we can create a museum that people to visit ages later. This museum to keep the record of the “ancient harmful thought forms” that we can communally expire altogether. In each thought form, that the museum has a record that explains what the thought was used for and how it harmed us globally, such as dualistic thinking, discrimination to alienate, superiority, inferiority, etc.

This blog meant to be a calling for your donations of thought forms to be expired, no longer has a space in this level of consciousness and ready to take its place in a museum! Would you be interested in donating the thought forms that you are subscribed to, that are no longer serving you or humanity into this Museum of Archaic and Harmful Thoughts? I take anything you are willing to give for the good of all…This act, is not financially tax deductible, but it will certainly reduce the taxing on all beings in this existence. And more importantly, your name will be listed on the walls of the museum as your legacy on the donor list…Would you like to be that grace for the humanity and our collective consciousness? We all can make this museum reality by choosing our thoughts and our words consciously…

May you stay awake as the harmful thought patterns pay a visit so that you can re-cognize what they are creating for you and all involved. May you able to stay open and connected to all life through your heart and heightened level of consciousness in every moment. May you know your grace, and express it with each committed action…

With well wishes for all beings,

Tijen Genco, MS, MCC, NBC-HWC, MBB, E-RYT200

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