Coaching for Strategy Definition and Execution

Over the years as a strategic advisor, I have taught many executives how to create a clear vision and focus on that vision so that they can bring it to life. In my coaching sessions I often observe that my clients have a lot of passion for the thing they wish to create; however theyContinue reading “Coaching for Strategy Definition and Execution”

Growing through loss

When I heard the news of my friend’s son passing, it brought back the memories of the loss I have experienced two years prior. I remembered the horror, the desperation, feeling of everything being unfair, and helplessness… I could relate to her loss as an aunt who lost her nephew but I would never knowContinue reading “Growing through loss”

Trapeze Experience

I said to my client while during our coaching session that this feels like my trapeze experience….A couple years ago, I was in a resort and they had trapeze. I was watching people do it since I am afraid of heights. Someone on the line said, why don’t you come and try with us. IContinue reading “Trapeze Experience”

Choosing not looking forward to…

It has been a while the phrase of “looking forward to” is pondering in my mind. I am realizing how much that is being used in the Western Cultures and how much it impacts one’s ability to stay in the present. Whenever we have an event that is planned and we feel joyous about, weContinue reading “Choosing not looking forward to…”


We often are interested in authentication for the things that are precious to us such as antiques, art, jewelry; designer items, etc. however, never think to authenticate our most precious thing, ourselves… Today I decided to introduce this new concept for your awareness. On my other blogs I spoke about social and cultural influences onContinue reading “Self-authentication”

Coaching for conflict resolution

I spoke about the challenging conflicts in one’s life, and tendencies and triggers that initiate them in my Propensity blog ( When a client presents a situation where there is a conflict and inclination for them to respond in a certain way; it is helpful to provide them a different perspective from the one thatContinue reading “Coaching for conflict resolution”

How to enable change

Clearly defining a vision around something desired, setting a strategy around it and successfully executing that strategy towards the outcome are often skills that most people struggle with. As a strategic advisor I taught many executives over the years how to create clear vision and how to focus on that vision so that they canContinue reading “How to enable change”

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