Genco Method Neurologic Approach to Coaching Training Foundations©

Genco Method Neurologic Approach to Coaching Training Foundations©

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Taking Beyond NLP and Cognitive Distortions

Level 1

Cognitive Distortions are the learned mental modeling or filters that sit deep in our psyche and influence our experience. In most cases, we are unaware of how they distort our experience. Cognitive distortions limit our choices and can lead to incorrect assumptions, hence unnecessary suffering.
Coach’s ability to recognize the cognitive distortions during a session may create an excellent opportunity to raise clients’ awareness, challenge their unhelpful thought processes, and free themselves from such distorted worldviews.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States, in the 1970s. Bandler and Grinder suggest that there is a connection between neurological processes (Neuro), language (Linguistic), and behavioral patterns learned through the socialization process (Programming). Once these are recognized and understood, one can change this programming to achieve specific goals in life.

Trauma can be a significant event for someone, such as a tragic loss, or a very simple one for another, such as a broken acrylic nail. Traumatic events may influence the autonomic nervous system (ANS) to stay in a constant physiological state, resulting in fear and defense response to the world around us if they are not recognized and resolved. The nervous system’s response may not be relevant to the significance of the trauma since this is often related to the individual’s inherited biology and social conditioning. After an experienced trauma, the nervous system may be stuck at a constant and locked response towards the external environment, such as tension, scanning for signs of danger, needing to withdraw from the outer world to recover, etc.
When the nervous system is in this kind of a stuck mode, the generation’s feeling of safety, ability to bond with others, and self-expression gets constrained. In these states, the body’s physical response to healing mental, emotional, and physical wounds and ability to move through a cognitive and behavioral change gets limited since the body functions are stuck in alert mode.
Within the Genco Method Neurologic approach, we understand that a client’s ability to change requires them to feel safe in the world, knowing that the client’s executive function and self-regulation would be undesirably impacted by their response in a state that is locked to feeling unsafe for whatever reason. Genco Method Neurologic Applications to Coaching© is a unique methodology and includes a particular coaching inquiry that leverages the insights from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, NLP, Polyvagal Theory applications in coaching, and Eastern Esoteric Traditions to foster change availability for the client by creating awareness for their automatic (reactive) responses to the world around them.

Part 1 of this Genco Method Neurological Coach Training focuses on Cognitive Distortions and NLP. Part 2 will be offered separately at a later time and will focus on Polyvagal Theory.

Genco Method Reconstructive Inquiry (GMRI)©

During this training, participants will learn to form Genco Method Reconstructive Inquiry. Tijen Genco developed this inquiry by observing clients’ responses to complicated issues where the client is overly attached to their point of view. When other methods fail to offer them support, with this method, clients often find freedom from their point of attachment and arrive at a resolution with ease, grace, and comfort.


Theory: Fridays February 17 and 24, March 3, 10 and 17 – 1:00 pm EST – 2:15 pm EST

Mentor Sessions: Wednesdays February 22, March 1, 8 and 15 – 1:30 pm EST – 3:00 pm EST

What the participants of the course shared as their outcomes

What the practice client’s of the participants of the course shared as their outcomes


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2023-02-17 @ 01:00 PM (EST) to
2023-03-17 @ 02:15 PM (EST)

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Published by Tijen Genco

Tijen Genco is a certified Professional and Life Coach. Her client portfolio include C-Level senior executives, division heads, and chiefs of staff across wide variety of fortune 100 companies; country managers of non-profit organizations; entrepreneurs, lawyers, and seasoned coaches. Tijen holds Master of Science degree in Management with concentrations in Organizational Behavior and Coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas. She has obtained Master Black Belt in Lean/Six Sigma Productivity Improvement Methodology from Merck Sigma Center of Excellence. Tijen’s engagements as trusted advisor and management consultant have resulted in multi-million dollars in productivity benefits for fortune 100 companies. Tijen holds certification in various Yoga methodologies, Pilates and Meditation. As a wellness coach she has been instructing mind-body classes at prestigious clubs in the US since 2008. Tijen specializes in Executive Coaching, Organizational Development and Cultural Transformation along with Process Excellence. She provides individual as well as group/team coaching and workshops to corporate clients and private audiences worldwide. Tijen is passionate about social issues and participates in Social Responsibility efforts. She extends her specialty of cultural transformation and behavioral changes in the healthcare industry to non-profit organizations for enabling desired behaviors towards better health. In 2013, she served 3 months in India helping to improve the quality of Maternal Health services in the rural areas, coaching non-Government Organization resources. She has served at the board of International Coaching Federation (ICF), Philadelphia Chapter, as the VP of Education and Professional Development. Along the side of her coaching business, she is chairing the Global Executive Coaching Community of Practice of ICF, and instructing mind-body classes.

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