Life Coaching

We come to this life unprepared and live our lives without a user manual of life. Our upbringing and education may teach us the technical and cultural aspects of life, and our religious organizations may address some aspect of our spiritual being. However, we are still left unsupported when it comes to understanding the meaning of our life, and how to grow through each experience as we strive toward our full potential.

No one can teach us how to prepare for the loss of a loved one and how to grieve through it. No one can prepare us for how to digest and assimilate the other losses in life, such as loss of a job, house, divorce, our youth, fertility, health, and more. Although one can learn how to envision one’s own dream life, and might even be technically equipped to execute a vision, when we actually try, we often fall short. We get lost in our fears, beliefs and emotions, and we cannot move forward with ease.

In my own life, despite having learned many scientifically tested, technical tools and techniques and trained in many esoteric traditions such as Yoga, Meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and others, I still needed guided support while facing my personal challenges. Working through the trials and tragedies of my own life helped me develop further sensitivities, resilience, emotional stamina, and the compassion to be with someone else when they are facing their own challenges. Through my work over the years, I have been a trusted companion and seer of my clients when their fears, anxieties and emotions have blurred their vision and hindered their progress.

Regardless of what you might be facing, if you wish to have an objective observer, trusted partner, and a seer as you move through your life, I would be delighted to be by your side…

When might someone need a coach?

There are many reasons. For instance, you might consider looking for one if you:

  • Need some guidance on moving forward in your career.
  • Want to learn how to take advantage of your own strengths and talents.
  • Unsure about a major life decision, such as a move or starting a new business.
  • Lacking a work-life balance.
  • Do not know how to break through certain conditioning of your life such as perfectionism, feeling not enough, etc.
  • Have a challenge forgiving yourself or someone else.
  • Want to turn your visions into a reality.

If you are interested in Life Coaching with Tijen Genco, please fill out the form.

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