How to understand and clarify your #niche

As any new business, in the beginning I see most coaches struggle to understand or decide what their #niche is. Identification of this is not an instant process rather, a progression of reflection and data collection process as one understand their gifts by #self-reflection and hearing what others telling you while they praise about your authentic gifts.

After that, there needs to be an #envisioning and #dreaming state that needs to be done in creative environments so that one can expand their vision before they limit the opportunities.

Therefore, before you engage your logical side to eliminate and meaning make of thoughts, you need to generate lots of #ideas is a key.

Once you create the dream state reflections, it is also important for one to start noticing how they live the dream state. For example, as I was deciding what was important for me in my coaching business I realized that one of the things I wanted was to coach people at resort environments by the beach. I called my self a barefoot coach and then started to go to nearby beaches and have some client calls to integrate my dream state into the existing one…

Hope these thoughts would be helpful for the new or established coaches or anyone else working on to establish an authentic niche for them.

In JOY the process.

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