Creating Sacred Space During the Coaching Conversations

There is an old Irish phrase “I stand on your ground when my feet are sore”… How do we offer that ground as coaches so that the clients can find, safety, comfort, nurturing, integrity and truth as they excavate truths from the deeper parts of themselves under the unprocessed emotional debris…

Here are some of the practices I found to be supportive over the years as a as a coach so as my students

  • Establish three distinctive energetic space: Your Space, Client’s Space and the Sacred Space. As you start coaching conversation and be sure your space does not overlap with your client.
  • Continuously practice mindful awareness and self-reflection. More aware, more awake you are, less likely you will offer your debris into the coaching conversation or the Sacred Space.
  • Admire your client’s offerings during the coaching conversations as if you are admiring an art piece.
  • Release your needs to have opinion about the client offerings. Only person gets to have judgement about their offerings is the client.
  • Understand your needs and consciously work to fulfill them outside of your coaching sessions. Remember, your unfulfilled needs often become your do-minions during your sessions.
  • Understand and in-body true meaning of compassion. Authentic compassion is one’s ability to stand still by someone in pain without any need to change anything as they move through their trans-formation at their time frame.
  • Develop self-compassion for you. We are unable to offer others what we don’t have for ourselves.
  • Origin of the word for “prayer” means “to ask”. Treat every inquiry you are making with the client for the client same degree of reverence.
  • In silence we hear the answers to our prayers. Honor the silence.
  • Reverence is contagious, so as humor, compassion and love. More you are able to sense them and experience them for you, more you get to offer them into the sacred space.
Sacred Space

Meditation recordings to create sacred space: Peacefulness with Tijen Genco

May all your conversations be as sacred as you are!

With loving kindness,

Tijen Genco, MS, MCC, NBC-HWC, MBB, E-RTY200

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