Separation and Releasing

Western value system honors the “new and shiny”, maintaining anything is not required. The whole economic structure built on that, and human minds are programmed for this quite well in this part of the world. Eastern cultures respected maintaining what was, and now they are changing as well because of the Western marketing hypnosis impact, due to global economy.

What is happening as a result then, we see often people starting things, but not taking time to end, grieve properly, close and move to the next.

In my sessions, I am seeing more and more the energetic, physical, emotional and mental impact on human beings of this distorted behavior. People aren’t able to start things properly or move on. I spend significant amount in sessions for #grievance processing to create freedom.

I am writing this today to create awareness on the reader’s mind of the importance of ending and maintaining. That is the part of creative act and the natural cycle.

I am sharing lyrics (slightly edited in parentheses by me) from the song #Weightless by #NatashaBedingfield below to inspire the freedom in your hearts.

Weightless by Natasha Bedingfield  

The sky is the limit  
And I just wanna (choose to) flow  
Free as a spirit on a journey of hope  
(I) Cut the strings and let me (free myself to) go  
I’m weightless, I’m weightless  
Millions of balloons heading to the ground  
Weight of the world tries to hold us down  
(I) Cut the strings and let me (free myself to) go  
I’m weightless, I’m weightless,  
I’m weightless, I’m weightless…

All the things I held in my fist  
If I don’t let go, I don’t exist  
They’ve become the things that define me  
How I look and the things to buy me  
That’s not important anymore  
I feel me rising off the floor  
Light as a feather, I’m carefree  
I’m weightless…


Tijen Genco, MS, PCC, MBB, E-RYT200

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