Coaching for Strategy Definition and Execution

Over the years as a strategic advisor, I have taught many executives how to create a clear vision and focus on that vision so that they can bring it to life. In my coaching sessions I often observe that my clients have a lot of passion for the thing they wish to create; however they are unclear about how to give birth to this creation. Whether it is starting a new business or renovating the kitchen I often observe the same behavior. During the session, we spend time on translating their passion into a vision and then develop together a strategy to make that vision a reality. Therefore, coaching involves not only how to give birth; but also how to become pregnant, how to nourish themselves during gestation, and prepare for birth as well as postpartum….

Clarifying vision is a significant effort! I engage skillful coaching questions to help clients to see what they are passionate about and how that passion relates to their objective. Often the passion and objectives are muddled; or there is only one of them present. Either one of them by itself will result in an unhealthy birth and cannot survive long.  Once we clarify the passion and objectives; we then start to form the vision that builds a bridge between these two.

I would also like to note that clarifying the vision and setting the strategy are two different skills. The first one requires a coach-like approach to get it out of the people.  The second one requires consulting skills to help them design it. I enjoy doing both and have helped develop many strategies that have come to life over my many years as a Coach and Master Black Belt.  To clarify the second part, I include a form that I use during these sessions to bring a new product or service forward. I often give the form to the client as homework and ask them to think it through. This is similar to the Appreciative Inquiry technique that is used in coaching. I ask client to reflect prior to the session, and then walk through the content with them while engaging them in a coaching conversation.

Another key aspect to keep in mind for strategy definition and execution sessions is for the client to be ready for change to occur. This part is often overlooked. Regardless of how passionate they might be for the new; they will go through the grievance process for the old.  When this is not done properly, it hinders the process tremendously…

Complementary Strategy Definition Form


Tijen Genco, PCC, MS, MBB

Genco Coaching

Executive and Life Coach

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