Upcoming Events

Resolving Fear Guided Meditation

Date: May 29, 2020 – Time: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm EST

I designed the guided imagery and meditation for this session specifically for resolving the fear that binds us and moving beyond it to experience our lives to fullest. If you are looking ways to  freeing yourself from some kind of fear that is restricting you, come and join us on this relaxing and comforting meditation.

Resolving Fear – Guided Meditation Technique for Your Practice

Date: May 30, 2020 – Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm EST

n this workshop you will learn concepts such as subtle body, and symbolism that the Guided Imagery has built upon. You will also be introduced to Active Imagination Theory, Tibetan Chud Practice and Genco Method Resolving Fear Technique©. The idea of this workshop to teach participants how to use the techniques as part of their practice with the clients. The experiential learning part of the workshop will have the participants get familiar with the symbolism as well as archetypal language, and to learn to inquire via metaphoric language.
This two-hour workshop is suitable to coaches, yoga teachers, therapists a
like. There will be 2 CEUs offered for this workshop (NBHWC/Yoga Alliance).

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