Distortions about Love

When we think of love, we often look for demonstrations of it to ensure the evidence based on the culture we relate ourselves with, such as demonstrations of love via gifts, etc from the loved ones. I observe this behavior in many cultures “demonstration of love” or “proof of love” as a collective wound that we carry globally. We somehow need to experience certain behaviors in order to believe that we are loved yet seeing those still leaves us in doubt…

I am wishing to create an awareness around this, and wanted to offer a little freedom from the need of love demonstration for everyone. Since carrying that wound, makes us do the same with ourselves, and constantly asking us to prove our love for us by buying this, accomplishing that, or whatever, you get the point…My offering is that to exit from that dead end circle just once, to breathe and choose self-reverence. Once you chose to approach to you with reverence there won’t be any more room for negative-self talk or looking for worthiness of love.

May you feel free to love you with joy…

To understand the cognitive distortions further around our behaviors, check out my upcoming webinar on 3/7/2019



Tijen Genco, MS, MBB, PCC, E-RTY200

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